Best day of my life

The headline to this post “Best day of my life” embodies my lifelong personal philosophy of spreading enthusiasm.   Kudos to  American Authors,   producers of the post titled song which came on later to spread the word.  Daily repeated personal bests may be a little bit over the top: but,  in the enlightened view perhaps it is absolutely true.  This philosophy helps me to persist.


The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series with the philosophy of know who you are and never quit. We should keep the ideals in mind with our goals and objectives in sight. Knowing who we are may help us to maintain the course with the bumps in the road. Persistence and tenacity ruled the day for the end of a one hundred and eight year drought today.

Included in this post is my picture taken at Deja Blue 2017. My second freedive competition. I set a USA National Record in NoFins and won the competition.